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Synthetic Vitamin E
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Are you going to wholesale synthetic vitamin e from a professional synthetic vitamin e producer and supplier? it is one of the well-known synthetic vitamin e manufacturers in China, welcome to contact our factory.Vitamin E Main function:1:Anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, maintain youthful appearance2: Reduce the cell oxygen consumption, make the person to build endurance, help to alleviate the condition of leg cramps and limbs stiff. 3: Antioxidants protect body cells from free radicals. 4: Improve lipid metabolism, preventing coronary heart disease (CHD), atherosclerosis. Later, in 2000 the New England journal of medicine article with more than 9000 people are strictly random experiment prove that vitamin E can't reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, this conclusion since then hasn't been overturned. 5: Prevent cancer, inhibit tumor growth effectively; Prevention of several chronic diseases; Prevention of inflammatory skin disease, alopecia; Prevention of hemolytic anemia, protection of red blood cells make it not easy to burst; Preventive treatment of thyroid disease; Improve blood circulation, the conservation group, lower cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure. 6: Vitamin E is a kind of very important vasodilator and anticoagulants; Prevention and treatment of varicose veins; Prevent blood coagulation, reduce speckle organization. 7: Strengthen liver cell membrane, protect alveolar cells, reduce the incidence of lung and respiratory infections. 8: Protect skin from uv rays and pollution damage, reduce scar and pigment deposition; To accelerate wound healing. 9: Promote the sex hormone secretion, increase the number of men's sperm vitality and; Increase women's estrogen concentrations and improve fertility, prevent miscarriage. 10: Also found that vitamin E can inhibit lipid peroxide reaction within the eye lens, the peripheral blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent myopia occurrence and development Vitamin E Specification :ItemsStandardsResultsAppearanceWhite or off-white, free-flowing powderQualifiedIdentification Positive QualifiedDispensability in waterDispensibleQualifiedContent Min 50% of dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate52.3%Loss on drying≤3.0%1.1%Granularity 100% through 40# sieveMin 90% through 60# sieveMin 45% through 100# sieve100%98.5%85%Heavy metals≤10ppm
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